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Accessibility Testing and Technical Solutions

Knowbility provides a wide range of accessible web design and development services to help you get your web site and technology products up to compliance standards. Over the past 18 years, we have helped hundreds of corporations, education institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit companies. Through testing, training, strategic planning, and policy development services, we empower our clients to achieve and maintain their accessibility goals.

Our experts are internationally recognized for their role in creating the worldwide standard for web accessibility implementation and training. When we work with you on a project, our goal is to teach as we go. We want your team to incorporate good accessibility practices into your processes and become independent with a self-sustaining accessibility practice in place as a long-term result.

Accessibility Testing & Auditing

With diverse, experienced, and deeply knowledgeable team members, Knowbility routinely performs accessibility audits and testing for a wide range of clients in a variety of situations. Our process is continually refined to produce accurate, actionable information and recommendations to set clients on a path of not only remediation of issues, but accessibility practice-building.

Leadership & Strategic Consulting

Digital accessibility is an innovation driver. It is an integral part of diversity and inclusion efforts that make organizations stronger and better. Knowbility can help you develop the leadership to build and sustain an accessibility program that is suited to your own organizational culture and integrated into existing processes.


Knowbility began as an accessibility training organization and it is still one of the things we do best and love to do!


Advance your and your teams' skills with in-depth, modern digital accessibility workshops & courses delivered online.

Usability Testing with People with Disabilities

Use our AccessWorks database to recruit from hundreds of people with disabilities for your usability testing needs. Great usability is only possible after implementing accessibility best practices. Conducting user testing with people with disabilities including blindness, deaf or hard of hearing, mobility impairments, and cognitive disabilities is the best way to establish a wonderful user experience for all.

Accessibility HelpDesk

Is your organization in need of accessibility support? Not sure where to start or how much work is needed?

Project Inquiry

For decades, our team has helped hundreds of companies meet their digital accessibility goals. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you. We look forward to working together.