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In a response to COVID-19, Knowbility featured a free six-week series called “Toolkit Tuesday’s” supporting students with disabilities and their parents working remotely.

New topics were presented each week to support kids and parents who are doing their work from home to ensure that students with disabilities have equal opportunity to access learning materials and activities at home.

In celebration of the ADA 30th anniversary, the first session was held on Tuesday, July 28th and was a remote student and parent panel to discuss the challenges related to accessing digital content and how those challenges have been magnified during the pandemic. Students with a variety of backgrounds who represent a broad range of access needs shared their perspectives on the issue.

Topics and Dates

Topics the following weeks will included: Assistive Technology demonstrations (AT), Chromebook Basics and Accessibility, Google Suite accessible tools, iOS learning tools, Android accessibility, and more. Find video recordings below:

July 28: Student Panel, discussing the challenges and to access digital content

August 4: Assistive Technology Demonstrations (AT) by Students

August 11: iOS Learning Tools

August 18: Chromebook Basics and Accessibility by Google

August 25: Microsoft Online Tools and Accessibility

September 1: Math Accessibility with Texas Instruments

If you would like to contribute information about your at-home student or parent experience visit