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You have AccessU questions! We have answers! Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the current status of John Slatin AccessU 2020?

Knowbility announced on March 30th that we will produce AccessU as a virtual conference. In May of this year, we will produce four days of programming, two days of talks and two days of trainings. A monthly series of post conference sessions will follow. Options are available to choose to attend for two or four days or to add the post-conference series. Thefull schedule is now live.

2. I registered for AccessU Online, am I still enrolled?

YES! AccessU Online transfers to registration for Accessibility Talks - the first 2 days of the virtual AccessU Conference. Connection details will be sent closer to the date for you to:

  • Attend the Talks on May 13th and 14th
  • Renowned accessibility experts provide six talks each day
  • Live Q&A included
  • Access to all 12 captioned recordings

3. I have an AccessU Standard Registration, am I still enrolled?

YES! Standard AccessU registration provides access to all four days of conference sessions. Connection details will be sent closer to the date for you to:

  • Attend the Talks May 13th and 14th
  • Attend the Training May 19th and 20th
  • Multi-tracks allow you to choose from more than 35 one or two hour-long sessions across four categories
  • Keynote presentations, featuring Jamie Knight of the BBC and Chancey Fleet of the New York Public Library
  • Exclusive virtual game night
  • Access to all recordings post-conference, even those sessions you may have missed

4. I enrolled in AccessU Plus, am I still enrolled?

YES! Your premier enrollment brings you:

  • All 4 days of Talks and Training
  • 7 post-conference workshops
  • Connection details will be sent closer to the dates of all sessions

5. What are the costs to upgrade my registration?

If you have an “Accessibility Talks” (previously AccessU Online) registration, you may:

  • Upgrade to AccessU Standard: $450
  • Upgrade to AccessU Plus: $700

If you have an “AccessU Standard” registration, you may:

  • Upgrade to AccessU Plus: $250

6. What is the cancellation policy for AccessU?

Our standard cancellation policy is to allow participants who are unable to attend to choose from these two options:

These options remain open in 2020. As well, since the circumstances are anything but standard this year, we created additional options:

Registration as Donation

AccessU is a significant portion of Knowbility’s annual budget. Many of you have generously offered to donate all or part of your registration fee to help us through this hard time. This would be a tax-deductible donation and a way to support Knowbility in the wake of this substantial financial hit. If you are interested in donating your registration fee, please email Thank you.

Personal Extenuating Circumstances

We understand however that the options above may not work for everyone. If our changes simply can’t work for you and the rollover or donation choices are not feasible, please email us at, tell us your circumstances, and we will process a full refund.

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Thanks for helping to make the web a more inclusive place for people of all abilities - see you at AccessU!

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